Tropics Complex

Tropics Complex

Opening in 2022

At the south end of the Zoo, in the area previously occupied by rhino and the main building, will be a state-of-the-art Tropics complex, featuring animals from the ecosystems of Borneo, Congo and Madagascar.  This will include naturalistic orangutan habitat enabling climbing and more “tree-top-like” movement.  The new tropics complex will also feature ring-tailed lemurs, and lowland gorillas, a new species to the Zoo.  Other animals from these ecosystems will be incorporated as well.

Lowland Gorillas

Gorillas consume large amounts and varieties of fruit and are crucial seed dispersers throughout the forests of central Africa.

Bornean Orangutans

Orangutans are the largest tree-living and fruit-eating animal on Earth. Orangutan in Malay means, “person of the forest.” They’re found on the Indonesian island of Borneo and in Malaysia.

Ring Tailed Lemurs

Ring-tailed lemurs are found in tropical dry forest and spiny bush of southern and southwestern Madagascar. They spend about 40% of their time on the ground – the most of any lemur species.

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