Arctic Circle

The sea ice polar bears call home is disappearing due to climate change.

The problem

Polar bears are threatened by pollution, disease and industrial activity, but the primary cause of the decrease in their population is climate change. Melting sea ice means habitat loss and reduced access to prey for these animals.

How we help

We partner with Polar Bears International (PBI) to save sea ice and conserve polar bears by sending Zoo staff act as In Field Ambassadors for PBI awareness programs in Churchill, Manitoba, in addition to raising funds throughout the year.

We also participate in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Polar Bear Species Survival Plan, which has a goal of creating a sustainable population in conservation care.

What you can do

Make a $1 donation to Polar Bears International when you purchase admission tickets at the Front Gate.

In the winter, turn down your thermostat just 2 degrees.

Ambassador Animal