Boa Constrictor

(Boa constrictor constrictor) and (Boa constrictor imperator)


Boa Constrictor

Seneca Park Zoo is home to one boa constrictor, Queenie, who is a part of the program animal collection. A female Central American boa, Queenie was born in 2007 and arrived at the Zoo in the same year.

Status in the Wild

Humans are the adult boa constrictor’s only enemy. They are hunted for their skins, killed for food or simply out of fear of them. They are also killed by farmers, as the boa kills chickens and other livestock.


The boa constrictor can be found throughout Central America: eastern Ecuador, northern and eastern Peru, northern Bolivia, Brazil, central and eastern Columbia, Venezuela, the Guianas and Trinidad and Tobago. The preferred habitat is wet tropical forest but it can also be found in deserts, open savanna and cultivated fields.


Boas feed on large lizards, small or moderate-sized birds, opposum, bats, mongooses, rats and squirrels.

Did you know?

When threatened, boa constrictors hiss so loudly that they can be heard 100 feet away!

Females are significantly larger than males in length and girth. Males usually have much longer tails.

Coloring patterns can greatly vary between different boas, usually depending on the location.

These snakes actually have two lungs (although one is non-functional), unlike a lot of other snakes which have lost the left lung completely.

Snakes have no eyelids, but have a clear scale over each eye for protection.

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