Seneca Park Zoo

Our Mission

Seneca Park Zoo inspires our community to connect, care for, and conserve wildlife and wild places.

Our Vision

Seneca Park Zoo will be a national leader in education and conservation action for species survival.

The Future of Seneca Park Zoo

The Zoo is currently developing new Master and Strategic Plans.

The Master Plan will address three areas of development, including the Zoo’s Main Building, which was built in 1931.

All development respects the agreed-upon footprint outlined in the 1991 Seneca Park Zoo Master Plan.

Our Guiding Principles

Sustainability and Compliance

  • Maintain a clean audit
  • Raise funds to support operations, programs, and capital improvements
  • Partner with Monroe County to operate the Zoo

A Quality Experience

  • Develop a positive perception of the Zoo
  • Develop programs that meet standards and use best practices about animals and conservation
  • Engage our audiences in captivating activities that create memories and lasting connections

Conservation Leadership and Education

  • Work to conserve resources and inspire others to do the same
  • Use multiple platforms to educate visitors about animals and conservation to inspire action
  • Support ‘In Situ’ (in the wild) conservation efforts for the Zoo’s Conservation Science Strategic Plan

A Strong Family

  • Create a learning organization with growth opportunities for staff and volunteers
  • Engage staff and volunteers for collective decision making
  • Maintain an environment where staff and volunteers are proud of their involvement with the Zoo

Community Relationships

  • Cultivate and engage audiences via all available communication tools
  • Develop partnerships to further the Zoo’s mission
  • Gather and use data to understand our audiences

Our Board of Trustees

Peter Lutz, Chair
Chris Stern, Vice Chair
Trisha Butera, Treasurer
Shelly Doran, Secretary

Eric Allen
Leonard Bayer
Stephen Brown
Gavin Brownlie
Tim DeGrave
Maureen Dobies
Mary Ellen Brothers Guon
Suzanne Hunt

* Ex Officio

Kevin Nowack
David Riedman
Gary Squires
Larry Staub*
Matthew Terp*
Debby Wilson
James Winebrake
Ben Wood

* Ex Officio

Trustees Emeritus
Ruth Baltzer
Ralph Code, III, Esq.
John Nuccitelli
William Strassburg
Robert Stiles

Looking for a donation from the Zoo for your fundraiser?

The Seneca Park Zoo Society is proud to support charitable fundraisers for fellow environmental, educational, and cultural nonprofit organizations in the Greater Rochester area. Before you request a donation, please review our Donation Request Policy, available here.